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Commissioning and start-up activities

Commissioning and start-up activities involve final system checks, equipment adjustment and performance testing to ensure its design parameters and operating modes.

Commissioning and start-up activities are executed in several phases.
During phase 1 (a preparatory phase):
  • based on manufacturers’ design and maintenance documentation an operating programme for commissioning and start-up including labour safety and labour arrangements is drafted;
  • comments on the project discovered under developing an operating programme are passed to the customer;
  • measuring equipment, test facilities and tools park is prepared.
During the phase the Customer:
  • applies a voltage to the workplace of the personnel responsible for commissioning and start-up from temporary or power networks;
  • appoints representatives for acceptance of commissioning and start-up activities and agrees upon work performance time considered in the general construction schedule with a contractor.

During phase 2 commissioning is executed on stand-alone control panels, safety protection and automation panels. The launch of commissioning and start-up activities is determined by construction and assembly operations readiness: in rooms for placing of equipment you need to finish all construction activities including fit-out works, to close all openings, manholes and cable channels, to perform lighting, heating and ventilation, to complete installation of equipment and its earth grounding.
During phase 2 the following is provided:
  • coordination of issues raised in the course of design study with the engineering company;
  • field supervision on the part of engineering companies;
  • replacement of rejected equipment and supply of missing equipment, rectification of equipment and installation defects revealed in the course of commissioning and start-up activities.

During phase 3 of commissioning and start-up activities an individual testing of the installed equipment is performed:
  • basic software loading;
  • system and functional testing;
  • pilot cable signaling test;
  • measuring loop adjustment;
  • application software installation;
  • application software check-out and adjustment.

During phase 4 of commissioning and start-up activities an integrated testing of the equipment is carried out according to approved programmes. During this phase there are implemented adjustment works on the system interconnection in different modes. The works include intercoupling, adjustment and setup of settings and parameters for separate facilities and functional groups to provide desired operation modes.

We process work permits for explosion and flammable hazardous zones and develop safety measures at work.

25.01.12 Another major object added to TLS LLC's reference list

"Top Level Systems" LLC has developed working documentation for measuring equipment and PCS of anti-surge and station control for compressors 340-81-5 (Gazprom-ONPZ public corporation).

15.05.11 Top Level Systems Company is implementing a contract for the Troitsk gas booster station

Our company is awarded to produce high voltage and low voltage power supply detailed design for the Troitsk gas booster station. Scheduled completion date is July 2011.

09.12.10 APCS design for 4.5 mln. rubles

A “Reliable APCS rev1” service package on development of the APCS detail and design documentation for the petrol, chemical, and gas industries for 4 500 000 RUB, VAT incl.

01.11.10 Top Level Systems LLC completes development of the design documentation stage for the associated gas processing plant in the Chechen Republic.

Over 1000 points of monitoring and control, over 12 compressor units, LPG and highly flammable liquid storage facilities, loading/unloading racks, gas separation units. Our company implements works on instrumentation and controls, process automated control system, high voltage and low voltage power supply.

05.05.10 Commencement of the design documentation and detail documentation development for the associated gas processing plant in the Chechen Republic.

Design works include the following sections:
-high voltage power supply
-low voltage power supply.

19.04.10 Top Level Systems LLC obtains a certificate of a self-regulating company for design works

On 16 April, 2010 a non-commercial partnership Kazan design engineer association issued a competency certificate on the front end engineering design works exerting influence on capital project safety under Nr. SRO-P-149-1660121412-01-019.

29.12.09 A training simulator for APCS process operators.

A computer training simulator for process operators makes it possible to train operators to work at a definite unit by means of APCS system.

05.11.09 Top Level Systems LLC has completed design works for the Volgian water intake facility.

In the shortest possible time, with only three days, the TLS LLC specialists implemented an electric motor protection setting value calculation for the project facility 2nd elevation pumping plant upgrade within the territory of the Volgian water intake facility.

15.06.09 Top Level Systems LLC management is gaining education in an MBA program.

TLS LLC Business Development Director is currently effectively earning his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) degree. It helps the company face the future with confidence and flexibly address the needs of our customers.

21.04.09 Top Level Systems LLC has carried out development of an automated control system detailed design for the gas compressor station

The system is developed on technological tools from Allen Bradley, redundant controllers from Control Logix. GE Fanuc iFIX is applied as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software. The information system power is over 1000 i/o of monitoring and control.

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